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Friday, July 6, 2012

Rambling: Characters: Pepper

Recruited: Episode 3, Stage 14 (Mountain Pass)
Method of Attack: Ferret flip, ferret rush, or blowtorch (?!)
Omega Attack: Pepper of the Opera

Pepper is a ferret who was turned into stone while traveling through the Carapan Mountains. Yes, traveling. Pepper is a traveling imitator who imitates famous people from around the galaxy. He’s also completely off his rocker, which is the only explanation for how he knows about all these people from around the galaxy. He is a firm believer in Good and Justice, and is therefore proud to travel alongside a hero such as Hana. At least, this is what we think his excuse is. He only speaks in loud, opinionated squeaks.

Starting Level: 5
Movement: 6
Spellbook Slots: 1
Magic Experience Gain Rate Chart
   Fire: 25  -  Water: 05  -  Wind: 12  -  Earth: 10
   Lightning: 25  -  Holy: 05  -  Darkness: 10  -  Medical: 05
                   Strength: 05  -  Weakness: 05

Crabwalk - Pepper dresses up as a crab and pinches the foe severely.
Pepper daVinci - Pepper dresses up as Leonardo daVinci, scribbles on canvas, and ceremonially smashes it over the foe’s head.
Pepper Charat - Pepper dresses up as Digiko and fires Laser Eye Beams.
Pepperman - Pepper dresses up as a superhero and flies into the enemy.
Pepper Bonaparte - Pepper dresses up as Napoleon and commands the advance of a ferret army.
Pepper Dif - Pepper dresses up as Rene Dif and belts out Barbie Girl (?!).
Pepper the Great - Pepper dresses up as Alexander the Great and attacks from a chariot.

Skill Statistics
Normal Attack  -  Lvl 0, MP 0, Short-range
Pepper of the Opera  -  Lvl 0, MP 0, Omega Attack
Crabwalk  -  Lvl 0, MP 4, Short-range
Pepper daVinci  -  Lvl 5, MP 7, Short-range
Pepper Charat  -  Lvl 9, MP 6, Long-range
Pepperman  -  Lvl 17, MP 16, Medium-range
Pepper Bonaparte  -  Lvl 22, MP 22, Long-range
Pepper Dif  -  Lvl 26, MP 34, Long-range
Pepper the Great  -  Lvl 38, MP 51, Medium-range

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