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Friday, July 6, 2012

Rambling: Characters: Søren

Recruited: Episode 2, Stage 12 (Sleeping Tower)
Method of Attack: Knight Sword
Omega Attack: Sleeping Lightning

A prince from the faraway city of Once Upon a Time, Søren bit into an poisoned apple and fell into a deep magical sleep. He was sealed away in a tower for a princess to come and kiss him awake, in keeping with tradition, but the bad fairy Malevolenta learned of this and took over his tower herself. Søren has been trapped asleep in his tower for years now – but when Hana comes and kisses him awake, his once-simple life reveals itself to be much more complicated than he remembers it to have been.

Starting Level: 5
Movement: 4
Spellbook Slots: 2
Magic Experience Gain Rate Chart
   Fire: 15  -  Water: 20  -  Wind: 20  -  Earth: 15
   Lightning: 25  -  Holy: 20  -  Darkness: 10  -  Medical: 15
   Strength: 20  -  Weakness: 05

Awakening - A rising slash that sends the enemy flying, then two stabs.
Sleeping Thunder - Raises sword and summons lightning, then swings it at foes.
Refresh - Cures the status effects of one ally.
Sleeping Storm - Calls lightning into sword and rushes the enemy.
Sleeping Bolt - Throws sword into the foe and summons lightning to it.
Sleeping Tempest - Shreds enemy with swordskill amidst a thunderstorm.
Awakened Mjolnir - Summons the thunder god to incinerate foes with lightning.

Skill Statistics
Normal Attack  -  Lvl 0, MP 0, Short-range    
Sleeping Lightning  -  Lvl 0, MP 0, Omega Attack
Awakening  -  Lvl 0, MP 10, Short-range    
Sleeping Thunder  -  Lvl 0, MP 12, Long-range
Refresh  -  Lvl 10, MP 8, Long-range
Sleeping Storm  -  Lvl 15, MP 22, Short-range
Sleeping Bolt  -  Lvl 23, MP 36, Medium-range
Sleeping Tempest  -  Lvl 31, MP 67, Short-range
Awakened Mjolnir  -  Lvl 41, MP 40, Long-range

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