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Friday, July 6, 2012

Rambling: Episode Three: Stage Fourteen: Mountain Pass

Stage Fourteen: Mountain Pass
Enemies: Crow lvl 7 x3
         Oread lvl 7 x5
         Gorgon lvl 7 x1
Guests: Pepper (Ferret) lvl 5

   A level 7 Gorgon is dangerous, but not really worrisome. Later in the game, these will become one of your most dreaded foes, capable of killing in one hit with their Fatal Gaze skill, but for now the worst they can do is turn you to stone with Stone Gaze. While inconvenient, this ailment is easily cured with Refresh or Hana’s Scent of Roses. None of the monsters here really pack much of a punch at this level, so you shouldn't have trouble handling them in straight-up combat.

   However, before moving on, take careful note of that little ferret statue off to the side. If you examine it, you’ll notice that it has stats. That’s because it’s actually a character! Use Refresh or Scent of Roses to unstone the little ferret...and you’ll find out that you just unleashed a fireball of ferret-energy called Pepper. Most of Pepper’s stats are very low, but his attack, speed, and movement are through the roof. He’ll be controlled by the computer for this one battle, and you’ll see his worth as a fighter as he rips off the face of every enemy within his range. After the battle, you have the option of letting him join you. If you refuse, you will not get another opportunity! However, if you accidentally miss unpetrifying him the first time through, he’ll still be there on subsequent playthroughs of this stage.

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