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Monday, March 5, 2012

Final Fantasy 19: BOSS: Azure Highwind, Mark I

Azure Highwind
Level: 8, HP: 520, MP: 120
Rewards: Hi-Potion (always)
Weakness: Poison
Special: !Jump : Azure becomes temporarily untargetable; Attack x2
Vulnerable to: Nothing
Attacks: Attack, !Jump
Sketch: Attack, Attack
Blue Magic: None
Draw Spell: Thundaja

Level: 4, HP: 260, MP: 2
Rewards: Ether (always)
Strong: Thunder, Wind, Resists: Earth
Special: !Bronze Breath : Earth-elemental attack on all; Attack x1
Vulnerable to: Nothing
Attacks: Attack, !Bronze Breath, Slow
Sketch: Slow, !Bronze Breath
Blue Magic: None
Draw Spell: Slowga

BGM: Final Fantasy I Boss Theme A

This battle is quite simple. Badger has a hammer, Ultimecia has a giant axe. Badger has Cure, Ultimecia has Curaja. At the start of the fight, Ultimecia realizes that she should use her Draw skill on Azure, and if you do so, she will have Thundaja as well. Ultimecia only has enough MP to cast Thundaja twice, but one cast should be enough to put both Azure and Saturnos on their last legs.

Assuming you don't Draw Thundaja for some reason, or decide not to cast it, you might actually see the hunting pair's attacks. Azure attacks physically and has a chance of using !Jump every third turn as long as Saturnos is still alive. Saturnos' !Bronze Breath hits both Badger and Ultimecia, but for pitiful damage; on turns where he doesn't use it, he'll physically attack, which is nothing to worry about, or try to cast Slow, which he doesn't have enough MP for.

This battle is an introduction to the battle system and nothing more. Badger can either Attack or Sketch, it makes little difference. After Ultimecia has unleashed Thundaja against the duo, it's all over but the shouting.

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