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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spectrum: Chapter Two 3/5

   Freed from the power of the Corposant Eyes, Agatha floated down from the sky, returning to her normal self. As she shook herself like a sleeper awakening from a deep dream, she realized everything that she had done, and she was horrified.

   The Corposant Eyes had appeared from nowhere one day, bearing a message from someone named Acheron. Acheron had threatened to kill Agatha if she “interfered,” and then the Corposant Eyes had possessed her body. It was actually the Eyes that had cast the dark spells that had turned the Tellah Forest into such an evil place and attempted to take over Mandala…and also teleported King Merope away. Because Agatha had been the channel for the Eyes, she knew where the king had been sent: to Acheron, who was hiding in the fiery center of Mount Hellena Bas-Crysalli, an active volcano north of Mandala. However, if they were going to storm Mount Hellena Bas-Crysalli, they were going to need the powers of Faience, the spirit of Earth—in order to move aside the rocks for safe passage—and the powers of Rogalian, the spirit of Fire—in order to protect themselves from the heat of the volcano.

   Although Agatha would have liked to help them further, her own powers had been drained by the presence of the Corposant Eyes, and she could not. She did however assure them that, as her powers returned, she would do her utmost to atone for everything she had done while under Acheron’s control. She informed them that Faience lived somewhere deep underneath this very mountain, and she used her magic crystal ball to show them the entrance at the base. With this information in mind, Seles used the Magic Carpet to fly back to safety.

   At this point, they had a decision to make. They could either head back to Mandala to rest and recover, or they could plunge right ahead into Faience’s domain. What would you do?

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