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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Final Fantasy 19: BOSS: Badger's Solo - Azure Highwind, Mark II

Azure Highwind
Level: 8, HP: 520, MP: 120
Rewards: Phoenix Down (always)
Weakness: Poison
Special: !Jump : Azure becomes temporarily untargetable; Attack x2
Vulnerable to: Mini
Attacks: Attack, !Jump
Sketch: Attack, Attack
Blue Magic: None
Draw Spell: None

Level: 4, HP: 260, MP: 2
Rewards: Ether (always)
Strong: Thunder, Wind, Resists: Earth
Special: !Bronze Breath : Earth-elemental attack on all; Attack x1
Vulnerable to: Mini
Attacks: Attack, !Bronze Breath, Slow
Sketch: Slow, !Bronze Breath
Blue Magic: None
Draw Spell: None

BGM: Final Fantasy I Boss Theme A

Badger on his own against two bosses?! Now you see why the surly stripe-dog needed a full suit of armor before entering the Chaos Shrine! Don't worry, through, as Badger possesses all the tools he needs to emerge victorious from this battle.

Azure and Saturnos haven't changed much from their first encounter with the wacky white mage, which could spell trouble for Badger if you're not careful. Azure follows his old pattern of Attack, Attack, !Jump, repeat. Saturnos has a higher chance of using Slow than his physical attack this time, but still doesn't have enough MP to follow through on that threat (which is good, as Slow could seriously screw you over in this battle).

Badger has two ways to gain the upper hand over these two. Start the battle by Sketching Saturnos, which a 75% chance of producing the Slow spell. Unlike Saturnos, Badger's Sketch doesn't need MP and will therefore actually work. Azure and Saturnos are none too quick to begin with, and slapping Slow on them will cut the number of attacks you'll receive during this battle almost in half.

Advantage Number Two is only available to Badger if you've reached level 5, but it makes this fight laughably easy. Both Azure Highwind and Saturnos are vulnerable to Mini. And what do you know? Badger conveniently learns the spell Compression on level 5, which just happens to - can anyone guess? - cause the
Mini status effect. Mini drastically lowers the affected target's Strength and Defense, making this less of a battle and more of a Badgerzilla rampage.

If you've got Compression, cast it on Azure until it sticks and then Sketch or Compress Saturnos at your leisure. The Sorceress Hunter and his dragon will only get turns every other century or so, and when they do attack, they'll barely scratch you. Smash them with a hammer and proceed with the story.

If you're on level 3 or 4, this fight is still winnable, but you'll have to be careful to heal yourself every second or third turn your enemies take. You'll need Slow to hit both enemies quite quickly and you'll need to pray that Azure doesn't Jump too many times before you can off Saturnos. Badger's normal physical attack should deal 50 - 60 damage to Saturnos, so at worst, it'll take six hits to finish him off; play defensively until Azure is alone, at which point he stops Jumping and becomes much easier to take down. Slow is the key to winning this fight without Compression; if Azure and Saturnos are slowed, Badger can easily fit three or four physical attacks in between their strikes, quickly giving him the upper hand.

Congratulations! You've protected Ultimecia from becoming Sorceress Hunter shish-kebob long enough for her to initiate time travel (no punching the timestream jokes, please). Enjoy the psychedelic, Disney-worthy images while you travel, until you land right smack-dab in...

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