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Friday, March 2, 2012

Final Fantasy 19: Introduction

Final Fantasy XIX is the tale of a badger, a ferret, a phoenix (or at least a red canary,) and a shiba-inu, who band together to protect the great Sorceress Ultimecia as she attempts to save the world (and destroy Final Fantasy X-2) through Time Compression. But it won't be easy. On their journey, they encounter the "villainous" Society To Underhandedly Perpetrate Illegal Doings (aka STUPID,) a whole coalition of wicked Sorceress Hunters (such as the tenacious Azure Highwind,) and many heroes and villains from other Final Fantasies as they hop through time and space. Badger, Ferret, Phoenix, and Shiba face the distressed Owl Aye, the diabolical Kitty, and the demented WOLF as they try to protect Ultimecia, save the Princess Peahen, and destroy as many towns as they can get away with. Simultaneously, Ultimecia faces duress from the god of chaos, possession by a long-dead Sorceress, and catfights with a silver-haired momma's boy. With all this trouble and drama standing in their way, how can Badger and Ultimecia ever bring about the destruction of the world? Well, they don't know, but as long as they have really big hammers, lethal dessert foods, lots of grammatical nazism, and the Choo-Choo to Heck on their side, they're going to keep on trying.

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