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Monday, March 5, 2012

Final Fantasy 19: CHARACTER: Ultimecia

"Most powerful Sorceress ever to live, she strives to save the world. Unfortunately, that involves destroying it."

Strength 26
Speed 34
Stamina 22
Magic 44
Attack 11
Defense 35
Evasion 13 %
Magic Defense 30
Magic Evasion 9 %

Class: Sorceress
Equipment: Throwing Weapons

Starting equipment:
R-Hand Rising Sun
L-Hand Bronze Bangle
Head   Hairpin
Body   Cotton Robe

Age: None of your business
Birthdate: September 9
Blood Type: AB
Hometown: Neo-Centra
Treasure: Her arcane tattoos
Likes: Perfumes and incense
Dislikes: Prejudice and bigotry
Often paints landscapes.
Ending Credits Theme: Defying Gravity

Ultimecia is the last Sorceress alive. Having suffered from discrimination and terrible prejudice ever since inheriting the Sorceress Power, Ultimecia plans to compress all of time and space together into a single point. By using her Sorceress Power to make herself the focus of that point, Ultimecia can absorb and recreate the universe as we know it, eliminating pain, prejudice, and, hopefully, Final Fantasy X-2. However, pulling Time Compression off won't be easy. Ultimecia must "take hold" of time from two different eras using the Junction Machine Ellone in order to succeed, and time-traveling Sorceress Hunters are following her every move. On top of that, the god Chaos just kind of decides to summon Ultimecia to a Final Fantasy free-for-all, pitting her against heroes and villains from all over the place for no apparent reason. What's a poor time-stopping Sorceress to do? Why, place her faith (and a small portion of her Sorceress Power) into a bloodthirsty badger, of course.

- Ultimecia enjoys artistic pursuits, such as painting, sewing, and jewelry-making.
- Ultimecia's tattoos are in memoriam; one for each Sorceress killed in the Great Cleansing after Rinoa Heartilly's death.
- Ultimecia does NOT have an accent. That's Phoenix's fault.

Desperation Attack: Time Stop
Ultimecia stops a moment in time, freezing all of her enemies in place. As long as Time Stop is active, neither Ultimecia nor any enemies can take any action. Time Stop lasts for eight actions taken by your party.

Special Skill: Draw
Unlike Badger and Shiba, who learn their White and Black Magic by gaining levels, Ultimecia must use her Draw skill to steal spells from her opponents. Ultimecia's Draw ability absorbs a small amount of HP and MP from its target, but in addition to this, if that target's soul possesses a power that Ultimecia does not yet know, then she seizes it for her own and may cast it ever after. For example, using Draw on a Pollensalta will teach Ultimecia the Arise spell.

Note that Ultimecia will NEVER be able to Draw a spell from an undead enemy, as the absorption effect of the Drawing will be reversed. If you Draw from an undead enemy, all that will happen is Ultimecia will lose some HP and MP.

Special Skill: Sorceress Magic
Firaja, Immense fire damage on all
Blizzaja, Immense ice damage on all
Thundaja, Immense thunder damage on all
Waterja, Immense water damage on all
Aeroja, Immense wind damage on all
Quakeja, Immense earth damage on all
Darkja, Immense dark damage on all
Apocalypse, Immense non-elemental damage on all
Curaja, Restores all allies to full HP
Dispel, Removes all positive statuses from one
Dispelga, Removes all positive statuses from all
Arise, Revives fallen ally to full HP
Holy, Large holy damage to one
Bioga, Large damage; causes Poison, Petrify/ Confuse/ Death
Blindga, Inflicts Blind on all
Sleepga, Inflicts Sleep on all
Silencega, Inflicts Silence on all
Confuga, Inflicts Confuse on all
Toadga, Inflicts Imp on all
Vanishga, Grants Vanish to all
Floatga, Grants Float to all
Protectga, Grants Protect to all
Shellga, Grants Shell to all
Hastega, Grants Haste to all
Slowga, Inflicts Slow on all
Stop, Inflicts Stop
Reflect, Grants Reflect

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