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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spectrum: Chapter One 5/5

   Pyre was a hardy, experienced warrior, and with her sword added to Seles’ bow and Clara’s rod, the Whackoons, Piggapods, Wood Birds, and Fangflies (apparently an evolved form of the Fanged Caterpillars that had infested the Lattice Forest) fell easily. She was also far wiser in the mechanics of battle than either Seles or Clara; she suggested that they all switch their weapons amongst each other, so as to become proficient at multiple armaments just in case Clara should ever need to defend herself hand-to-hand or Seles should ever need to unleash a magical assault.

   It turned out that Pyre was also trained in ancient medical and martial arts. She knew how to focus her energy to temporarily increase her strength, speed, and endurance, and assured Seles and Clara that she would certainly learn more techniques as she visited new places and absorbed new experiences.

   The Sanctuary was not too far from Mandala, and they made good time on their way there. The terrain consisted mostly of gentle hills and vibrant meadows, and travel was easy. Before long, they had reached it.

   They were welcomed by a young priest named Niay, who brought them to the Abbess of the monastery. The Abbess recognized Pyre as the Mandalan Princess and offered her free respite at the Sanctuary whenever she should need it. When she heard that Pyre was going to petition Agatha to halt her dark magic takeover of Mandala, the Abbess put her full support behind the idea. She offered them a Magic Carpet that could carry them out of places of evil if they got in trouble and the assistance of Niay, who was well schooled in the holy arts and had some knowledge of the Tellah Forest. Niay was happy to put his sacred training to good use.

   Leaving the Abbess’ room, Niay asked that they first stop by his room so that he could pick up a few things for the journey. They headed there, and Niay changed into more suitable travelling clothes than his priest’s robe and secured his Whip around his waist. Leaving the room, they encountered Niay’s best friend, Ken, who wanted to say goodbye. Having heard from the Abbess that Niay was venturing into the Tellah Forest and the Opal Mountains, Ken gave Niay his beloved hammer, which would certainly come in useful amidst the rockfalls and crowded tunnels of the Opal Mountains.

   It was time to find Agatha.

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