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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rambling: Introduction

This is my oldest complete game design (Spectrum is the only older concept that has survived to this day, but the amount of rewriting and reworking that it's taken has kept it at a much smaller completion percentage than Rambling). In simple terms, Rambling is a fairy tale. It takes place in a world clearly based off dozens of fairy tales we in our world know and love, and it follows the journey of the two main characters from one of my personal favorites: Snow White and Rose Red. The game is plotted as an SRPG, with the battle system clearly inspired by the fantastic Nippon Ichi game La Pucelle and taking additional cues from the Disgaea series, Makai Kingdom, and several more traditional RPGs as well. Dear reader, I present to you the short, the sweet, the simple: Rambling.

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