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Monday, March 5, 2012

Final Fantasy 19: CHARACTER: Badger

"Sworn into the power of Holy, granted the power of Hyne, he will defend Ultimecia with his life."

Strength 34
Speed 34
Stamina 31
Magic 36
Attack 16
Defense 44
Evasion 7 %
Magic Defense 31
Magic Evasion 9 %

Class: White Mage
Equipment: Hammers

Starting equipment:
R-Hand Hammer
L-Hand N/A
Head   Collar
Body   Cotton Robe

Age: 4
Birthdate: September 19
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Ravenna, Cornelia
Treasure: His beloved hammer
Likes: Carrots
Dislikes: Stupid people
Often makes lists of ways to destroy the world.
Ending Credits Theme: All I Really Want

Bitingly sarcastic, slow but sagacious, and prone to sudden homicidal urges, Badger constantly finds himself at odds with his White Mage's Oath, which forbids him from killing except to promote the greater good. Fortunately, Badger is intelligent enough to find all sorts of loopholes to squeeze his genocidal tendencies through said Oath; these loopholes range from using chocolate as a murder weapon (because chocolate is yummy and thus death by chocolate is a good thing) to killing Phoenix for the greater good of the world (because of her stupidity) to his biggest exploitation of all: assisting Ultimecia in her goal of Time Compression, which he justifies because this will surely destroy Final Fantasy X-2, which is, to him, a great enough good to warrant destroying the world. In reality, of course, Badger just wants to destroy things without feeling bad about it.

Despite his destructive hobbies, Badger is not unsuited to be a hero, as he always enjoys helping people in trouble (because if you're helping one person, you're bound to be screwing another one somewhere) and is genuinely loyal to those he cares about. He is fanatically devoted to Ultimecia, who has given him carte blanche to indulge his violent side, but also develops a deep connection to Ferret, Phoenix, and especially Shiba, whom he falls desperately in love with (after Shiba blows up a city). When Edea takes control of Ultimecia and threatens everything Badger holds dear, he throws himself wholeheartedly into saving the world, even though his motive for doing so is primarily so he can destroy all of it himself afterward.

- Badger's mother, Diane, is a Goth.
- Badger's father is a pirate who left Diane in order to sail the seven seas.
- Badger decided to become a White Mage because he read that Holy was a spell of great destruction in the White Magic Manual. Remember to always read the ENTIRE manual before you stake your entire future on a career, kids!
- Although Badger can use Sketch owing to his innate magical prowess, he can't draw to save his life.

Desperation Attack: Grammatical Nazism
Badger goes berserk on one enemy with a series of hammerstrikes. This attack deals extra damage if the target has used a misspelled attack during the battle.

Special Skill: White Magic
Badger learns spells of the school of White Magic by gaining levels.

Cure, Lv 1, Small HP recovery
Dia, Lv 3, Medium holy damage to one undead enemy
Compression, Lv 5, Small non-elemental damage to one; may cause Mini
Cura, Lv 7, Medium HP recovery
Raise, Lv 10, Revives fallen ally to 25% HP
Esuna, Lv 12, Cures all negative statuses
Holy Fire, Lv 13, Medium holy damage to one
Vanish, Lv 15, Grants Vanish
Regen, Lv 18, Grants Regen
Diara, Lv 20, Large holy damage to all undead enemies
Curaga, Lv 24, Large HP recovery
Dispel, Lv 25, Removes all positive statuses from one
Diaga, Lv 30, Instant death to all undead enemies
Holy, Lv 33, Large holy damage to one
Arise, Lv 38, Revives fallen ally to full HP

Special Skill: Sketch
Final Fantasy VI veterans are probably shuddering in revulsion to be playing a game where the main character possesses that dreaded skill known as Sketch. However, although FFVI's Sketch was both bugged and badly designed, Badger's version is a skill worth using. Put simply, it takes Badger's Strength or Magic and uses that statistic to power one of the two attacks programmed under the target. Although Sketch is unpredictable, it is a mostly reliable source of damage, as it will at worst be identical to a normal physical attack and never costs any MP. In the middle part of the game, when Badger really needs to save his MP for healing, Sketch is a wonderful way for the angry animal to dish out some damage.

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