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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Final Fantasy 19: Timely Hijinks at the Chaos Shrine

Location: Chaos Shrine
Party members: Badger, Ultimecia
Opponents: Goblin, Wolf, Warg Wolf, Skeleton, Ghoul, Gigas Worm
Items: Tent, Potion, Floppy Hat
BGM: Final Fantasy I Chaos Temple

"When the world was young, the primal deities sealed Jaed the Netherlord deep beneath the earth. Its decrepit chambers tainted by a foul and unholy air, the Shrine of Chaos is said to mark the site of his prison."
- Final Fantasy Tactics

Ah, the Chaos Shrine. Ruined pillars, chunks of masonry, creeping vines, and a surprisingly large amount of monsters.

Preparation: You really, really want Badger to have a full set of armor before entering here. Badger will have to spend all of his time healing himself if this is not the case.

Monster formations:
Goblin, Goblin, Goblin, Goblin, Goblin
Goblin, Goblin, Goblin, Goblin, Wolf
Wolf, Wolf, Wolf
Wolf, Wolf, Warg Wolf
Skeleton, Skeleton, Skeleton
Skeleton, Skeleton, Ghoul
Skeleton, Skeleton, Gigas Worm

Goblins and Wolves are nothing new to you, but the other enemies present have taken a step up in battle tactics. The most dangerous enemy around is the Ghoul, which can cause Paralysis with its physical attack. If it paralyzes both Badger and Ultimecia, its attendant Skeletons can easily take you apart before you can
regain motor functions.

Fortunately, the undead have this unfortunate weakness you are probably already aware of: they take damage from healing spells. And what do you know? Your party is full of healing spells. A cast of Cure will put a Ghoul on its last legs; one Curaja and any undead is done for. Kill them with love and reap the experience-rich benefits.

Anyway, Ghouls paralyze and Skeletons have high Attack power, but both are vulnerable to Cure spells, which neutralizes them as effectively as milk in lemon juice (eww). Goblins and Wolves aren't much of a threat either, as you've just spent all your time on the outside world slaughtering them in various ways. Warg Wolves are hardier than Wolves, but not much stronger; their first two turns will be physical attacks, while their third turn will be used to "Call for Help" and summon another normal Wolf to the battle. Of course, Thundaja will one-shot them, so this is hardly a problem.

An enemy worth paying attention to is the Gigas Worm. Not because it's ugly (although it is) or because it's powerful (because it isn't): no, the Gigas Worm is a blessing because Drawing from it will teach Ultimecia Firaja, which, pathetically enough, the Gigas Worm himself is weak to. It is well worth your time to wander the halls of the Chaos Shrine and fight enemies until you find a Gigas Worm to draw Firaja from.

Collect the treasure scattered around the edges of the Shrine (there's a Floppy Hat in a chest, in case you didn't follow my advice and buy one for Badger in Cornelia) and then enter the center chamber. Ultimecia begins to gather power in preparation for timestream-entering, but damn the luck - Azure Highwind shows up again, intent on having Ultimecia's head on his pike. Ultimecia is locked in spellcasting; it is up to Badger to defend her.

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