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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Valkyrie Profile Hrist: Our Protagonist

~ Hrist ~
Gender: Female
Race: God
Age: N/A
Weapon: Light Sword/ Spear/ Bow
Soul Crush: Nibelung Valesti

.Eldest of the three Valkyrie sisters, she is much respected in Asgard for her devotion to her duty. Einherjar desire to serve under her with the knowledge that, if they serve her well, she may avenge them upon their still-living foes.
.As your protagonist, and a Valkyrie besides, it's no surprise that Hrist is one cool customer on the battlefield. Unlike most of the gods, she can learn any skill in the game and can actually acquire a Hero Level through certain actions and events in the story, and unlike any other character, she can equip three different types of weapons.
.Hrist has very high strength and agility, making her a powerful and slippery fighter. She can equip several very durable pieces of divine armor as well, giving her high defenses. This is all good, as her DME is rather low and you will want to keep her alive.
.Hrist can never be removed from your party, although she will not be present in all battles.
.Should Hrist perish in battle and not be revived within three turns, all Einherjar in your party will immediately be K.O.'d as well. Gods, humans, and undead may continue fighting, however.

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