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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Final Fantasy 19: Traveling to Cornelia

Location: World Map. Between the White Abbey and Cornelia
Party members: Badger, Ultimecia
Opponents: Crazy Horse, Goblin, Wolf
BGM: Final Fantasy I Main Theme

Ah, the world map! (Well, one of them, at least.) Smell that fresh air. See that lushly waving grass. Watch the hell out for that rampaging pony.

Preparation: None, for now.

Monster formations:
Goblin, Goblin, Goblin, Goblin
Wolf, Wolf
Wolf, Wolf, Wolf
Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse, Crazy Horse

Goblin, Goblin, Goblin, Goblin
Wolf, Wolf
Wolf, Wolf, Wolf

You won't find anything more interesting than physical attacks coming your way from these enemies, so retaliate in kind. On the off chance either Badger or Ultimecia take heavy damage somehow, you can: use Badger's Cure spell; cast Ultimecia's Curaja spell; use Draw to steal HP (Ultimecia only, of course); or run back to the White Abbey for healing. With so many options for recovery around, you shouldn't have any problems reaching Cornelia in one piece.

It is, however, of interest to note that many enemies in this game will drop accessories for your equipping pleasure. Even here, with these most basic of enemies, you can garner a few early accessories if you really take the time to fight for them. Crazy Horses have a small chance of dropping the Horse Rock, which raises
the lucky equipee's Strength and Speed. Goblins have a MINISCULE chance of dropping the Goblin Eidolon, which is next to useless at the moment but can come in handy much, much later in the game. Frankly, farming for these accessories isn't worth your time at the moment; you'll find a Horse Rock in a dungeon before too long, and the Goblin Eidolon isn't worth getting until you have Imp equipment.

Simply head north to find Cornelia.

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