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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Valkyrie Profile Hrist: Sacred Phase

.At certain periods, Freya will contact you and request your return to Asgard. These periods are known as Sacred Phases.
.Unlike those of Valkyrie Profile Lenneth, several events occur during Sacred Phases:
.Freya will present you with goals for the next chapter.
.Your performance will be rated against the performance of Lenneth and Silmeria, and you may receive rewards and Evaluation points for doing better than they did.
.You may accept and/ or report the completion of various quests from your fellow gods.
.Odin may request that you train a particular type of warrior for his uses, or that you raise a certain character's Hero Level.
.If Odin made such a request during the previous Sacred Phase, you must fulfill it here or risk his great displeasure.
.If conflict is brewing, a War Battle may commence.
.You may explore Asgard for experience and quest rewards.

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