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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Final Fantasy 19: CHARACTER: Ferret

"You don't want her to scream. You really, really don't want her to scream."

Strength 32
Speed 32 
Stamina 31
Magic 29
Attack 18 
Defense 48 
Evasion 9 %
Magic Defense 26 
Magic Evasion 1 %

Class: Blue Bard
Equipment: Megaphones

Starting equipment:
R-Hand Megaphone
L-Hand N/A
Head   Fancy Collar
Body   N/A

Age: 4
Birthdate: December 10
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Ferret Forest, Fynn
Treasure: Her voice
Likes: Karaoke, jewelry
Dislikes: Dirt
Often embarks on cleaning rampages.
Ending Credits Theme: Habanera

She is the Fairy Princess of the Fairy Ferrets from the Ferret Forest, born with the ability to melt specific mineral compounds with special high-frequency sound waves (read: her scream melts metal). Ferret is the loudest, crudest, bluntest fairy princess you've ever imagined. She curses like a sailor and sasses like it's going out of style; in fact, the only thing she enjoys more than telling people how stupid they are is shopping for jewels, which she has an unhealthy obsession with (although if you ask her, it's simply her natural right as a princess to own every jewel in existence). Her identity is supposed to be a secret - she is hiding from Emperor Mateus, who is trying to take over the Ferret Kingdom as part of his plan for world domination - but since she uses her royal status as justification for every illegal action she performs, nobody is fooled.

She first encounters Badger and Ultimecia when she tries to bully a shop owner in the village of Gatrea into giving her free jewelry, and is so bedazzled by Ultimecia's gemmed costume that she decides to tag along. Once she finds out that this weird thing called "money" can be found by killing monsters, well, sign her up for Sorceress Protection Duty! Oh, yeah - saving her kingdom is somewhere on her priority list too, I guess.

- Ferret hates dirt, which she labels "contamination" and cleans immediately.
- The Fairy Ferrets of the Ferret Forest are actually descended from Eidolons, which is why Ferret has such powerful vocal cords. This also means that Ferret is distantly related to Phoenix, which terrifies her.

Desperation Attack: Lion's Roar
Ferret unleashes her most powerful scream upon her enemies. Damages all enemies.

Special Skill: Vocalize
By meeting various NPCs, performing various sidequests, and playing every piano you come across, Ferret will learn how to sing various theme songs of Final Fantasy. Being the theme songs of the world, these songs have a multitude of special effects that will aid you in battle.
Shriek  -  May cause paralysis to all enemies
Ultrasonic  -  May cause confusion to all enemies
High C  -  May cause instant death to all machine enemies
Piercing Scream  -  Removes all positive statuses from all
Lullaby  -  May cause sleep to all enemies
Requiem  -  Deals high damage to undead enemies
Cheer  -  Raises all allies' Strength temporarily
Elegy  -  May set Doom on one enemy
Aria di Mezzo Carattere  -  Grants random positive statuses to all allies
Calling  -  Restores MP to all allies
Eyes on Me  -  Causes foes to focus on Ferret
Melodies of Life  -  Sets Regen on all allies
Suteki da ne  -  Lowers damage taken by allies
Real Emotion  -  Increases damage dealt by allies

These songs can be learned in the following manner:
Shriek  -  Default skill
Ultrasonic  -  Use Shriek 25 times
High C  -  Use Shriek 50 times
Piercing Scream  -  Use Ultrasonic 50 times
Lullaby  -  Learned on level 10
Requiem  -  Use Lullaby 50 times
Cheer  -  Learned on level 20
Elegy  -  Use Requiem 50 times
Aria di Mezzo Carattere  -  Complete the Jidoor Opera House sidequest
Calling  -  Complete the Eidolon sidequest
Eyes on Me  -  Play every piano in the game
Melodies of Life  -  Speak to Hurdy in Alexandria
Suteki da ne  -  Complete the Blitzball sidequest
Real Emotion  -  Use Suteki da ne 20 times

Special Skill: Blue Magic
In addition to feats of vocal brilliance, Ferret can learn several monster attacks if they are used while she is present and conscious. Ferret will NOT learn Blue Magic if it is used while she is dead, Blind, Asleep, Petrified, Confused, Stopped, or Frozen.

1000 Needles  -  Deals 1000 damage to one target
Aero  -  Small wind damage; selectable
Aera  -  Medium wind damage; selectable
Aeraga  -  Large wind damage; selectable
Angel Whisper  -  Restores all HP and cures status for one target
Bad Breath  -  Causes multiple negative statuses
Chocobuckle  -  Deals more damage the more you have run away
Clean Sweep  -  Medium water damage to all enemies
Death Force  -  Grants instant-death-immunity to one target
Degenerator  -  Causes instant death to one target
Evil Eye  -  Lowers enemy’s parameters
Explode  -  Sacrifices Ferret to cause damage to all enemies
Frog Song  -  Causes Toad and Sleep to all enemies
Magic Breath  -  Large Fire/ Ice/ Thunder damage to all enemies
Magnify  -  Increases all spell damage and healing by 50%
Mighty Guard  -  Grants Protect, Shell, and Haste to all enemies
Nova  -  Large holy damage to all enemies
Stone Breath  -  Causes Petrify to all enemies
Suppress  -  Reduces all spell damage and healing by 50%
White Wind  -  Cures all negative statuses on all allies
Yawn  -  Puts Ferret to sleep; restores HP to full

Special Status: Rage Gauge
One final, hidden aspect to Ferret is her Rage Gauge: an invisible bar that slowly fills as she takes damage in battle. The more Ferret gets hit, the angrier she becomes, until finally she can't take it anymore and explodes into a murderous rampage, unleashing powerful spells for no MP cost. This is almost certain to end any battle in a matter of moments, but it takes many, many battles to charge up, especially since resting at an inn will empty the gauge to 0 again. Ferret's character portrait will flash red the closer she gets to Rage, allowing you to plan for the activation of the state; save it up for a powerful boss battle and let Ferret go to work.

Attacks used in Rage:
Laser Eye  -  Ferret's a-firin' her laser. Damages one
Furious Shriek  -  100% chance of paralyzing all enemies
Tetanus Wind  -  Inflicts Poison, Sap, and HP Leak on all enemies
Lunatic Voice  -  Inflicts damage and Berserk, Confusion, or Doom on one
Lion's Roar  -  Automatically used when Ferret's HP drops below 1/5

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