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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spectrum: Chapter Three 2/8

   As they trekked back toward the Ringcon Caves, they experimented with their newfound magical powers, for—as Pyre said—it would be best to have the best understanding they could of their new skills before the next difficult battle came upon them. Pyre practiced enchanting her weapons with the power of earth, deciding to call the ability Stonestrike, and found that these enchanted attacks could turn an enemy to stone themselves. As she landed blows under the influence of Stonestrike, she could feel the energies of the earth building up inside of her. Whenever she built this energy to a certain strength through a continuous combo, the princess became capable of releasing a powerful magical martial art called the Midgard Crush.

   Niay and Clara practiced drawing upon their new spells. As Faience had said, Niay had obtained the power to heal and protect, while Clara had been given the power to strike down their enemies. Niay began to keep a close eye on his allies even when attacking so that he could pause to heal them when necessary, and Clara practiced mixing spells in with her physical attacks. Both confessed that after casting spells, they began to feel tired and worn out, although the thrill of hand-to-hand combat did invigorate them over time. Seles recalled Faience’s words about the source of their new powers and cautioned them to take things easy until they had developed greater tolerance for the drain on their spirits.

   Seles himself held back on using his own gift. True, Faience had told him to call her at any time, but he was wary of taxing her limited strength.

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