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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Valkyrie Profile Hrist: Malice Sense

.Lenneth has Spiritual Concentration; Silmeria has object reading; Hrist has the ability to sense malice and evil-doing in the air, which she calls her "Malice Sense." When the Malice Gauge on the side of the screen fills and begins to flash, be it in a town, a dungeon, or the world map, activate this ability with the Select button to uncover the source of the negative energy.
.If the Malice Gauge only rises partway in an area, make note to come back later once you hear rumors, find artifacts, or recruit Einherjar related to that location.
.In a town, the Malice Gauge will often respond to the beginnings of an Einherjar Character Quest or recruitment scene.
.In a dungeon, the Malice Gauge may uncover a new section of the dungeon or a hidden monster.
.On the world map, the Malice Gauge will usually reveal the location of a new dungeon.

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