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Monday, April 16, 2012

Rambling: Episode One: Stage Two: Irrigation Channel

Stage Two: Irrigation Channel (One-shot)
Enemies: Water Elemental lvl 1 x2
Guests: Ulfgar (Dwarf) lvl 3

   Another tutorial map, this time trying to save Ulfgar from Water Elementals he managed to irritate by trying to fish in an irrigation canal. Although you cannot possibly reach Ulfgar before the Water Elementals do, Ulfgar instructs you in the mechanics of throwing to help. Simply have Yuki pick up Hana or Flo and Throw them closer to the fray to distract the Elementals from their target. The Elementals are fragile, so you should have no trouble disposing of them.

   However, Ulfgar is still tangled in his fishing rod and line, so Yuki snips off still more of his beard. Ulfgar becomes even madder than before and ticks Hana off.

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