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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Valkyrie Profile Hrist: Sealstones

.While in dungeons, Hrist will come across sealstones, crystallized energy from Yggdrasil that possesses special powers.
.When held, a sealstone will grant Hrist its benefit or detriment.
.When placed on a Dais, sealstones will project their effects onto all enemies in the surrounding area.
.When placed on a Shell, sealstones will have no effect.
.Springs are openings into Yggdrasil that you can use to store or retrieve sealstones. Placing a sealstone into a spring allows you to retrieve that sealstone from any dungeon in Asgard. Dungeons in Midgard, however, are limited to the sealstones native to their dungeon.
.Some sealstones will have different effects on allies than enemies.

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