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Monday, April 16, 2012

Rambling: Episode One: Stage One: Field Edge

Stage One: Field Edge (One-shot)
Enemies: Crow lvl 1 x4
Guests: Ulfgar (Dwarf) lvl 3

   This is the first “tutorial” map, in which Ulfgar (the dwarf) yells moving and fighting instructions at you. Follow his directions, galling as it might be, and beat down the weak Crows using physical attacks. As a tutorial battle, there's nothing remotely complicated about it; enjoy the attack animations and move on back to more story.

   After the battle, Hana and Yuki try to wrestle Ulfgar out of the trunk, but cannot get his beard free. So Yuki gets out her scissors and snips the end off, sending Ulfgar into a rage. He storms away, ticking Flo off.

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