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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Valkyrie Profile Hrist: Dungeons

.While exploring locations suffused with evil, Hrist has many tools at her disposal.
.Hrist can doublejump to avoid enemies or surmount obstacles.
.Hrist can attack with her equipped weapon to destroy objects or initiate combat. Swords have short range but a quick swing. Spears have a longer range but a slower swing. Bows have a long firing time but a very long range.
.Hrist can project stone crystals at her foes. While Lenneth's ice crystals could freeze enemies and create platforms and Silmeria's photon crystals could hold enemies and teleport them, Hrist's stone crystals serve a different function. In addition to encasing enemies in an immobile but temporary stone prison, these crystals can forcefully push objects they make contact with from a great distance - including petrified enemies!
.Shooting a crystal into the ground will create shockwaves that will distract enemies or knock over certain objects, and holding the firing button will charge up a Grand Crystal that can cause the object it impacts to explode.
.Hrist can push and pull movable objects of reasonable weight with ease.

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