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Monday, April 16, 2012

Rambling: Episode One: Stage Four: Opposite Edge

Stage Four: Opposite Edge
Enemies: Ulfgar lvl 3 x1 (Boss)
         Snuff Imp lvl 1 x2
         Tin Soldier lvl 1 x4
Replacements: Ulfgar with Raven lvl 3 x1

   Ulfgar has ticked off your entire party. Now he challenges you to a showdown and not even Yuki is against it. This is your tutorial on fighting Boss monsters.

   This is the first battle you actually have to exercise some concern with. It takes two hits from Yuki to finish off a Tin Soldier and only one from Hana or Flo, so having Yuki target the Tin Soldiers is a waste of effort. Focus her attacks on the Snuff Imps, which she can knock out in one hit, while Hana and Flo take on the Soldiers. With his satellite monsters gone, Ulfgar's options are limited. He will likely pull out his Dig attack early on, which can do substantial damage, but he can only use it twice. Heal up from the assault using Flo's Fairy Magic, then attack Ulfgar with Briar Rose and Paper Cut and he should go down in no time.

   Following the battle, a panicked Ulfgar runs away. Good riddance, the girls unanimously agree.

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