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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yuunaru! Introduction

So, this is a rather different concept from the previous ones posted here. Yuunaru is a strange little hybrid that  popped up in my strange little brain after playing the strange little game Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna (also known in the States as Galaxy Fraulein Yuna). The concept is a bizarre combination of the aforementioned Yuna games, the unusual game Soul Nomad and the World Eaters, the Persona series, and what is known as boy's love dating sims. Yes, this game has man-on-man romance! If such things disgust you, then please avoid all posts with the Yuunaru tag, as you will not find them enjoyable.

Those of you who remain, the premise of Yuunaru! is a fusion of SRPG and dating sim. You could get a good idea of the system by thinking of it as "Persona 3, if Persona 3 was an SRPG instead of turn-based." It is designed to be made as a series of three games--or a single game divided into three "chapters"--named for the three sections of Dante's "Divine Comedy," which also helped to inspire it. On the battlefield, the player forms all available allies into multiple squads of up to three characters each, then maneuvers them around the field to attack enemies using strikes and spells. Off the battlefield, the player controls the main character--Hiro--as he builds relationships with his friends and allies, searches for clues to solve the mysteries surrounding his sudden empowerment, and strives to foil the plans of increasingly dark and dangerous groups and individuals.

The name "Yuunaru" is a Japanese word meaning "superb" or "outstanding." Believe it or not, I did NOT pick this name in order to be supremely weeabo, although several people I know would likely accuse me of it (and not without justification). I actually chose the name because I wanted a name for this game that in some way played off the name Yuna, as Galaxy Fraulein Yuna was definitely the original inspiration for the concept. For those who don't know, Galaxy Fraulein Yuna is a game series with a 99% female cast; it is wacked-out, adorable, and fantastically random, and I love it to pieces. Thus the name.

You will also quickly notice that all of the characters have Japanese names and backgrounds. This game is indeed set in Japan, again as an homage to its origins. Consider it an alternate universe modern-day Japan where a boy comes across something highly unusual after school one day...

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