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Friday, April 6, 2012

Rambling: Characters: Hana

Recruited: Beginning of game
Method of Attack: A rosevine whip
Omega Attack: Roses for a Grave

Hana Shiraka is a young girl who wants to become a hero. Unfortunately, heroes are always male, making hers an impossible dream – until she solicits some help from her fairy godmother. Thanks in truth more to her brains and determination than her rather undependable godmother, Hana manages to become the first female hero. But her journey as such won’t be easy.

Starting Level: 1
Movement: 5
Spellbook Slots: 2

Magic Experience Gain Rate Chart
   Fire: 20  -  Water: 20  -  Wind: 22  -  Earth: 25
   Lightning: 15  -  Holy: 22  -  Darkness: 10  -  Medical: 20
   Strength: 20  -  Weakness: 10

Briar Rose - Wraps enemy in blooming briars.
Scent of Roses - Revitalizes ally HP and status with rose petals.
Rose Wind - Attacks foes with a whorl of rushing thorned roses.
Rose Coffin - Squeezes enemy within a cage of thick briar stems.
Wall of Thorns - Protects allies using a wall of prickly thorns.
Roses are Red - Locks enemies within a thicket of blossoming briars.
Bloody Rose - Impales enemy on a thorn and swallows them in a rose.
Rose Cannon - Releases an intense laser beam from a blossoming rose.

Skill Statistics
Normal Attack  -  Lvl 0, MP 0, Short-range
Roses for a Grave  -  Lvl 0, MP 0, Omega Attack
Briar Rose  -  Lvl 0, MP 5, Medium-range
Scent of Roses  -  Lvl 2, MP 7, Long-range
Rose Wind  -  Lvl 6, MP 8, Long-range
Rose Coffin  -  Lvl 14, MP 12, Medium-range
Wall of Thorns  -  Lvl 20, MP 20, Long-range
Roses are Red  -  Lvl 22, MP 16, Long-range
Bloody Rose  -  Lvl 34, MP 32, Medium-range
Rose Cannon  -  Lvl 50, MP 100, Medium-range

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