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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Valkyrie Profile Hrist: Endings

.There are four possible endings to the game. Your actions, Evaluation Rating, and Hero Level all influence which ending you receive.
.Fail in your duties and you will get the Bad Ending, wherein Freya slays you and reacquires your soul.
.The C Ending ends at the boss fight against Genevieve. Hrist is praised for her work and allowed to continue.
.The B Ending ends at the boss fight against Lady Beliza. Hrist is praised but considered to be going rogue, so Freya renews her seal, wiping her memories.
.The A Ending ends with Lenneth and Silmeria joining your party, a boss fight against Queen Hel, and the salvation of Dyn. In this ending, Hrist is viewed with suspicion by Odin, but Lenneth and Silmeria stand up for her. You must have a high Hero and Evaluation rating to obtain this ending and have performed a certain number of Character Quests.

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