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Monday, April 16, 2012

Rambling: Episode One: Stage Three: Open Fields

Stage Three: Open Fields (One-shot)
Enemies: Roc lvl 5 x1
         Crow lvl 1 x4
Guests: Ulfgar (Dwarf) lvl 3

   In this map, Ulfgar is being kidnapped by a very large Roc bird. Hana and Flo are against helping the big jerk, but Yuki insists out of natural politeness.

   This map exists to explain to you about combos and Omega Attacks. Right off the bat, Hana, Yuki, Flo, and Ulfgar will all attack the Roc under computer direction. The barrage of attacks fills the Happy Ending Gauge, allowing Hana--as the character who attacked first, starting the combo--to pull off her powerful Omega Attack, Roses for a Grave. This will take the Roc down to a fourth of its starting HP, making it quite manageable despite its high level.

   The Roc will not attack you at all, but goes continually for Ulfgar, who runs about the map attacking nothing and keeping himself alive with Candy. Kill the Crows and then attack the Roc. Whoever kills the Roc will receive a massive experience boost, so plan your attacks to dispense that experience to whomever it will benefit most.

   When you rescue Ulfgar from this final threat, the mouthy dwarf manages to insult Yuki at last.

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