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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Valkyrie Profile Hrist: Einherjar

.All the forces of Asgard are at your long as they are not already on assignment. Request the services of any inactive Einherjar from Odin during the Sacred Phase to have them added to your party for the next chapter.
.At times, Odin will require that you find him a warrior to complete a specific task for him in Asgard. You must send up an Einherjar trained to suit Odin's needs or risk displeasure and divine punishment. Successfully answering the request will result in a windfall of rewards.
.While traveling Midgard, Einherjar may encounter old friends, old enemies, or old schemes that haunt them even after death. Einherjar vie for positions on Hrist's journeys because they know she will take vengeance for them despite her position. Complete these Character Quests for a variety of rewards, including items, new quests, new Einherjar, and augments or strength or skill buffs for participating Einherjar. Note that, if you are in the middle of undertaking a Character Quest, any participating Einherjar cannot be returned to Odin's employ until the quest is complete.
.Unlike the gods, human Einherjar possess character traits that influence their Hero Level, which players of Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth will be familiar with. Hero Level is often a crucial characteristic for Odin's requests and influences a character's performance in battle. Hero Level can be raised by leveling up, raising character traits with skill points, or completing Character Quests.

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