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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Valkyrie Profile Hrist: Initiating Battle

.Hrist is required to be in your party at all times.
.Your party may contain between one and four party members.
.Enemies wander the fields of Midgard and Asgard in the visible form of shadowy figures of darkness. The size of the enemy's form on the map can tell you what kind of enemies may await you if you engage that enemy in battle.
.If you hit an enemy with Hrist's weapon before it makes contact with you, you will start the battle at an advantage.
.If you hit an enemy with a crystal before it makes contact with you, it will temporarily be turned to stone and be unable to move. Touching a petrified enemy will not incite battle.
.If you use a crystal to shake the ground an enemy is standing on, that enemy will be confused and will briefly stop moving. Contact with a confused enemy will incite a battle, but you will automatically be at an advantage.
.If you hit an enemy with a Grand Crystal, battle will immediately commence, but you will be at an advantage and the enemies will take damage before the battle begins. Note that the enemy must be hit by the Crystal itself, not by the explosion from it.
.If an enemy makes contact with Hrist rather than her weapon or a Grand Crystal, combat will commence with Hrist and her party at a disadvantage.
.When Hrist is at an advantage, all characters start with an empty Charge Gauge and the allied team will get to attack first. The Break Gauge will also be filled by a small amount.
.When Hrist is at a disadvantage, all characters start with one CT in their Charge Gauge and the enemy team will get to attack first.

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