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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rambling: Episode Two: Stage Nine: Decadent Hallway

Stage Nine: Decadent Hallway
Enemies: Snuff Imp lvl 3 x6
         Tin Soldier lvl 3 x4

   This stage is simply comprised of a long hallway lined with enemies. Snuff Imps alternate with Tin Soldiers all the way to the stairway up, and all of them must be defeated to continue. A Strength Up Force Line runs down the right side of the hallway and a Defense Up Line runs down the left, reinforcing your foes and making this otherwise plain fight a little bit more interesting.

   Take out the closest Snuff Imp on the Strength Up Line and move Hana onto the square on which the Imp used to stand. Turn her so that she faces away from the other enemies, allowing the Force Line to flow through her position, and then attack from afar using her Briar Rose skill. Once her turn is over, turn her to face directly into the Force Line. This way, she gets the benefit of the Strength Up Line during her turn, but does not end her turn presenting her vulnerable back to the enemies. This little trick will serve you well throughout the game when dealing with Force Lines.

   The enemies on the Strength Up Line will be quicker to defeat and are more dangerous than the enemies on the Defense Up Force Line, so try to take them out first. Utilize the long-range capability of Yuki’s Xerox Machine to target groups of enemies at once, then move onto their positions on the Force Line to receive its benefits.

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