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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Final Fantasy 19: The Paradise of Peaheria

Location: The World of Darkness
Party members: Badger, Ferret, Phoenix
Opponents: None
BGM: Final Fantasy III - Megalopolis Saronia

Peaheria is a sprawling kingdom, the capitol of the World of Darkness, populated primarily by proud black peacocks who hold a position far higher than any petty human in the hierarchy of the land. King Peacock's fair daughter, the Princess Peahen, has been peanapped from her royal throne, and he has put out flyers and messengers across the kingdom looking for mercenaries to go and save her from the pernicious perpetrator: the fowl villain Owl Aye.

Item Shop:
Potion, 50
Hi-Potion, 600
Antidote, 80
Eye Drops, 40
Echo Screen, 100
Phoenix Down, 500
Sleeping Bag, 500
Tent, 1200

Your stock of Potions has likely dwindled, and you may have rather more need of it than you have previously in the near future. Phoenix Downs, Antidotes, and Echo Screens may also warrant purchasing.

Weapon Shop:
Wave Hammer
Magic Wand
Rising Sun

You're going to want to blow most of your money at the armor shop, as defenses are going to be crucial for surviving the World of Darkness. However, if you've bought all the protectives you need, you should probably swing by here to pick up a Wave Hammer for Badger. The Wave Hammer is a good hammer and a worthy purchase, but you'll have a chance to pick one up for free in a while, so it should be the last of your priorities.

Armor Shop:
Silver Bangles
Mythril Bangle
Plumed Hat
Flashy Robe

The best purchases you can make in this city are right here at the humble Armor Shop. Exchanging Silver Bangles, Floppy Hats, and Cotton Robes for Mythril Bangles, Plumed Hats, and Flashy Robes results in a defense increase of 16, which will go a long way to increasing your survivability on the world map. The upgrades won't come cheap, but they're well worth the price for the amount of protection they provide.

You may want to forgo the robe for Ferret, as you can buy her a better one in a different town before the next dungeon. However, this better robe is also correspondingly more expensive. The Flashy Robe will serve Ferret well enough for almost half the price, so if your funds are tight, she'll be happy with some flash.

The story progresses once you enter the inn, where a red canary is fluttering around trying to bully somebody into rescuing the princess with her. (Notice a trend with this game and bullying females?) She threatens Badger with the "great powers of Crimper/ Cheese," which Badger takes as a threat to his personal safety; he proceeds to haul off with his hammer, splattering her all over the nearest wall. Ferret is quite pleased, but unfortunately, the canary is anything but dead, peeling herself off the stones and becoming quite happy. This is just the kind of strength rescuing the princess will require! Badger, of course, is only interested in saving Ultimecia, but the canny canary makes an offer the mammals can't refuse: if they help her save the princess, she'll show them the location of the Temple of Time, from which Badger might be able to access the timestream and find Ultimecia. Stuck for it, Badger and Ferret join the party of the great and powerful Phoenix, although this doesn't stop them from smacking her around a bit more as they head out the door.

Despite her odd idiosyncrasies and her tendency to get kicked around by, well, everybody, Phoenix is a massive asset to your party. She comes with current top-of-the-line equipment, almost twice as much HP as Badger, and the highly versatile "Red Magic" skillset, which gives her access to Cure, Fire, and Blizzard right from the start. Ultimecia she ain't, but Phoenix's magical skills are not to be derided. Enemies beware: Phoenix is here to save our sorry butts.

The story wants you to head to Owl Tower next, as this is the place where the fair princess is being incarcerated. However, the World of Darkness is a big place, and there are lots of locations you can wander to first, most of them holding valuable treasures you may want to take advantage of before venturing into the lair of the evil (?) avian.

At this present time, you can head northwest from Peaheria to locate Leprit, the village of the summoners. Way down to the south is Demur, a small fishing town with no bearing on the plot. Hidden in the trees to the far west of Demur is Dastar, city of the bards. Owl Tower is northeast of Demur and southeast of Peaheria, hidden behind the mountains in view of the coast. And right on the outskirts of Peaheria itself is the Scholars' Library, a dangerous, sealed location only the bibliophiliac-hearted may enter.

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