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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rambling: Episode One: Snow White and Rose Red: The City of Legend

   Legend is the capitol city of heroism, location of the Hero Society Headquarters and home to hundreds of would-be heroes and their hangers-on. Hana can't believe she's finally going to fulfill her dream at last.

   After difficulty with a line of applicants for the Hero Office and further problems with the secretary, Flo uses force, magic, trickery, and very un-godmotherly threats to sneak Hana into the written exam. The Hero Society scores it and is astonished to find that this mysterious applicant has scored 113%. They are eager to meet this applicant in person, but when they discover she's a girl, they collectively blow blood vessels. Old Silvanus Greare doesn't seem to mind her gender, however, and makes a push for her acceptance regardless of tradition. He is overruled, but he and Hana together manage to pigeonhole the Society using the Hero's Rulebook. Silvanus suggests that Hana be assigned to awaken the Northern Castle--a Sleeping Beauty case, it's called--for her practical exam, a test the rest of the Society is sure she will not pass because she is not a prince and cannot awaken the princess with a kiss like she is supposed to.

   The secretary gives Hana a flying tablecloth (the carpets are all taken) for transportation, as well as a Temporary Hero's License. This license gives Hana authorization to buy the lowest level of items and equipment from the shops in Legend, so take advantage of it before flying off to the Northern Castle.

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