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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rambling: Episode Two: Stage Seven: Tepid Pool

Stage Seven: Tepid Pool
Enemies: Water Elemental lvl 2 x2
         Dryad lvl 2 x4
         Mermaid lvl 2 x2

   Another tutorial, this time on Force Fields and the breaking thereof. When a character stands in the flow of a Force Line, the Line will travel in the direction the character is facing. This allows you to direct the flow and length of a Force Line by placing multiple characters in its stream. When a Force Line is directed so as to form a closed shape, the area inside becomes a Force Field, spreading the power of the Line across every square enclosed by the Line. Although the Dryads on this stage are forming a Force Field out of the red Strength Up Force Line, increasing the physical attack power of all the enemies on the field, Flo trains a blue Healing Force Line at it, turning the Force Field from red to purple. This turns the Strength Up Force Field into a Transfiguration Force Field, transforming the enemies into chickens!

   That’s not all, either. Flo then proceeds to Absorb the Healing Force Line’s base, causing the Line to explode, thus breaking the Force Field. Breaking a Force Field causes a gigantic explosion, damaging everything standing on it!

   After Flo’s pyromaniacal delights are over, all of the enemies on the field should be one hit away from defeat, leaving them easy targets for your team. For this reason, you might want to play through this map several times. The next stage is quite difficult, and it's very easy to grind up a level or two for all your characters on this map. Furthermore, having a bunch of enemies at low health makes it easy to kill all but one and then recruit that one for your party. Water Elementals and Mermaids are both powerful casters who naturally learn water magic; their skills may come in handy for the boss fight ahead.

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