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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spectrum: Chapter Three 5/8

   Of course, “safety” was a relative term. They might not be worried about falling flaming trees anymore, but Burning Beasts prowled the halls and Tinderflies buzzed about the ceilings. In normal, non-combustible circumstances, they might have found the Crimson Palace quite pretty—it was large and opulent, designed like a proper castle with sweeping staircases, long halls, and great chambers—but when every staircase was patrolled by a Flare Spider and every chamber was monitored by a Flame Dragon, the beauty was hard to appreciate.

   They wandered through the palace for what felt like hours, struggling to find Rogalian or at least some clue as to what could have happened to him. It was beginning to feel like a lost cause, and Clara was starting to complain, when Pyre suddenly heard something unusuala sizzling sound, like water being dropped onto a hot pan.

   Following the sound, they found a spiral staircase from which water, of all things, was dripping! Where was it coming from? They climbed the staircase with all speed and found themselves in front of an enormous door emblazoned with an intertwined sun and moon.

   Pyre tried to break the door down, but the ornate construction was as solid as steel. Trying another tack, Niay used his Augury magic on it instead and learned that the door was impenetrable by physical means, but would open to the magic of an elemental spirit. The spotlight was on Clara; she cast Spitting Earth on the door, and sure enough, it blew open immediately.

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