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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yuunaru! Characters: Mizumaki

Nicknames: Mizu-kun
Age: 17, Scorpio
Grade: High School Senior, Class 1-B
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Black
Build: Slim swimmer's build
Profession: Swim team star
Family: Divorced parents; lives with mother and brother, Kou
Personality: Boisterous, friendly, a bit self-centered
Dream: To swim in the Olympics
Likes: Swimming, shopping
Dislikes: Claustrophobic
Weapon: Gloves
Transformed Costume: A miniscule Speedo and googles
Element: Water Moon

 Acid (defense down, one)
 Acid Rain (defense down, all)

 Mizumaki, Hiro: Friends Attack
 Mizumaki, Jin: Ocean Attack
 Mizumaki, Hanako: Friends Attack

 Hiro, Mizumaki, Ryuu: Trinity Attack
 Hiro, Mizumaki, Hanako: Best Friends Attack
 Mizumaki, Jin, Atsushi: Tsunami Attack
 Mizumaki + Two (Taro, Konosuke, Kiyoshi, Tsuruya, Zen): Exhibitionist Attack

Hiro's best male friend, Mizumaki is the star of the swim team, and accordingly much more popular and athletic than his reclusive friend Hiro. Although Hiro, Mizumaki, and Hanako all became friends in elementary school due to a common love for video games, Mizumaki has grown away from them as he has gotten older and often despairs of Hiro's airy-fairy fantasy worlds. Mizumaki himself is quite practical and extroverted, and sometimes doesn't seem to have time for Hiro; but when the chips hit the table, Mizumaki would slit his own wrists for Hiro's sake, since Hiro has always been there for him ever since the caustic divorce of Mizumaki's parents.

It doesn't take much to nurture Mizumaki's complicated feelings toward Hiro into love. Just spend lots of time with him and confide in him about everything. When he sees how adult Hiro has become, he won't be able to hold back anymore.

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