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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rambling: Bosses: Malevolenta

Class: Bad Fairy
When Fought: Episode 2, Stage 12 (Sleeping Tower)

A bad fairy who presumably put Prince Søren into an enchanted sleep and left him in the Northern Castle to rot. When Hana and Yuki arrive to interrupt the spell, she appears herself to stop him. Does she have a reason to put so much effort into keeping this prince asleep and hidden from the rest of the world...?

Movement: 3

Method of Attack: Astral punch, cane
Omega Attack: Poisoned Apple

Bad Magic  -  Attacks enemy with a blast of evil magic.
Curse  -  Throws a curse at the enemy to prevent them from attacking. Does no damage.
Briar Hedge  -  Conjures a briar hedge beneath foes.
Malevolent Spell  -  Throws a powerfully evil spell at the enemy. May cause Curse.

Skill Statistics
Normal Attack  -  Lvl 0, MP 0, Short-range
Poisoned Apple  -  Lvl 0, MP 0, Omega Attack
Bad Magic  -  Lvl 3, MP 7, Long-range
Curse  -  Lvl 21, MP 32, Long-range
Briar Hedge  -  Lvl 26, MP 22, Long-range
Malevolent Spell  -  Lvl 35, MP 55, Long-range

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