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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spectrum: Chapter Three 7/8

   They had collected the powers of Faience and Rogalian, so they could now follow Acheron into Mount Hellena Bas-Crysalli. Pyre was understandably desperate to get there as quickly as possible, but Seles managed to persuade her that taking a quick detour to find Fu would be invaluable when they finally confronted her father’s kidnapper.

   It was the work of a moment to find the cave with three entrances; they had stumbled through it more than once during their search for the Crimson Palace. But this time, there was definitely something different about that cave. It might have been the trap door that opened up underneath them and dumped them down a hole into a cave lit by a roaring bellows.

   Fu was a tall man, stripped to the waist, with ferocious black hair and eyebrows that spoke more than he did. He conveyed a definite interest in the Wreath and Scroll, however, allowing Seles to explain that Faience and Rogalian had recommended him to them…or perhaps it was vice versa. This appeared to sit well with the intimidating blacksmith.

   The mysterious Kitsune Fur they had been collecting, Fu explained, was not only incredibly magical and durable, but also possessed of an odd transmuting property. To demonstrate, he took Seles’ bow and the tuft of fur Seles had won from the Brambler way back at the beginning of our story and began to fuse them together, wrapping expertly, adding additional leather and wax, polishing and bending until…Seles’ well-worn Longbow had become a Composite Bow, as though by magic!

   They had four tufts of Kitsune Fur besides the one Fu had already used. Fu offered to forge their armor as well as their weapons, although he refused to upgrade any weapon or armor more than once at this point. He drove a bargain with Seles that he would change his mind if they brought him more of the elemental artifacts to study.

   So now they were faced with a choice. They could either upgrade four of their weapons, all of their armor, or a few of both. It was a difficult decision. What would you do?

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