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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rambling: Episode Two: Stage Five: Briar Entrance

Stage Five: Briar Entrance
Enemies: Tin Soldier lvl 1 x4
         Dryad lvl 1 x2

   The learning’s not over yet! Flo notices Force Lines on this stage that you and your enemies can draw power from. Use the Absorb command on a Force Line, and you will recover HP and MP equal to the line’s level. However, by Absorbing the lines at their base, the absorber instead regains HP and MP equal to the number of squares the line was spanning times the line’s level. In addition, anything standing on said squares will be damaged when the line gives out and explodes!

   You can also use the Absorb command on enemies. This drains their Wickedness gauge, raising the chance they will join you when defeated. Although a wicked monster would rather die than join you, monsters without high Wickedness factor will surrender to you instead. More powerful monsters have more Wickedness and require more Absorbing. The chance of a monster joining you is inversely proportional to the percentage of energy remaining in their Wickedness gauge. Beware that some enemies have Infinite Wickedness, making it impossible to cause them to join you.

   With the Tin Soldiers damaged by Flo’s Absorption of the Force Line, even Yuki can take them out in one physical strike. With the Soldiers dead, the Dryads are easy for Hana and Flo to mop up. They boast high Magic Resistance, however, so Yuki's skills and spells will be less effective on them. Just barrage them with physicals and proceed onward.

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