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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yuunaru! Characters: Ryuu

Nicknames: Dragon Red
Age: 17, Taurus
Grade: High School Senior, Class 1-B
Hair: Black and crazy-messed-up all over the place
Eyes: Purple
Build: Strong but youthful
Profession: Masked crimefighter (sort of)
Family: Mother, father
Personality: Bombastic, ridiculous, sincere
Dream: To make the world a better place
Likes: Sentai shows, giant robots
Dislikes: Dishonesty, his parents' plans for him
Weapon: Justice Sword
Transformed Costume: Skin-tight red spandex
Element: Earth Star

 Chivalry (own defense and magic defense up)
 Heroism (own attack and magic attack up)

 Ryuu, Hiro: Justice Attack
 Ryuu, Fuma: Fusion Attack
 Ryuu, Kisho: Swordsman Attack

 Hiro, Ryuu, Kiyoshi: Righteousness Attack
 Ryuu + Two (Arata, Isao, Hotaru, Jin, Tsuruya, Kiyoshi): Brawlers' Attack

An oddball kid in Hiro's class, Ryuu is a comic book fiend madly in love with sentai T.V. shows, to the point where Hiro's love of video games looks tepid in comparison. He is very overdramatic, very hyperbolic, very gullible, and utterly without a sense of humor, which is the only way anyone could act the way he does without breaking into giggles every few seconds. He unswervingly means everything he says, and will believe without question anything that comes out of the mouth of somebody he trusts, which makes for all sorts of awkward situations when exploitative personalities such as Goo, Shimei, Ai Len, or Fuma get involved. As an only child of conservative parents, he is constantly struggling against heavy expectations and stern disapproval; his parents fight to mold him into the model son they wished they had, while Ryuu struggles to maintain his hard-won individuality. His parents long for him to take up a nice, sober, high-paid business job; his only wish is to make the world a better place in his own personal way. This inevitably leads to bitter fighting in their family, making theirs a sad and uncomfortable household.

Ryuu is one of the many people granted powers by Hiro's wish, and unlike some, he figures this out right away and immediately begins using them to fight crime in the manner of his beloved sentai shows. Upon meeting Hiro and Mizumaki, he promptly "joins forces" with them and begins looking for two more members so that they can have a proper sentai team together. He is despondent when their number extends beyond five-and-one-converted-villain (with the discovery of Taro,) but is reconciled when Taro makes him stir-fry.

Ryuu tries to treat Hiro like his sidekick, but what he really wants is a partner to share his adventures with. Treat him with seriousness, like an equal, and don't let him put you down no matter what, and his respect is yours.

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