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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yuunaru! Characters: Ai Len

Nicknames: None
Age: 28, Scorpio
Grade: N/A
Hair: Dark blue
Eyes: Brown
Build: Slim but strong
Profession: Shimei's personal maid
Family: Unknown
Personality: Quiet, dry, devious
Dream: To continue to watch over Shimei
Likes: Cleaning implements, being ignored
Dislikes: When things do not go according to plan
Weapon: Feather duster
Transformed Costume: Dark and demure apparel
Element: Water Sun

 Clean (removes bad status from allies)
 Rinse (removes positive status from enemies)

 Ai Len, Shimei: Servant Attack
 Ai Len, Kohei: Ninja Attack
 Ai Len, Motoki: Domestic Attack
 Ai Len, Atsushi: Service Attack
 Ai Len, Makoto/ Taro/ Kisho/ Kohei/ Atsushi/ Zen: Martial Attack

 Ai Len + Two (Shimei, Hayato, Kisho, Yukio): Bishounen Attack

He was hired to take care of Young Master Shimei at the age of 22, and that is just what he has been doing - with utter, unshakeable, undeniable loyalty - ever since. Calm, polite, introspective, and subtle, he enjoys studying people and learning to anticipate their needs and actions, which makes him a very good friend and a very dangerous foe. Despite unkind words of Shimei's classmates, who are jealous that Shimei gets a butler and they don't, Ai Len and Shimei see each other as big and little brother and have no romantic attachments whatsoever. This does not, of course, mean that they don't still love each other fiercely.

Fuma approaches Ai Len to be one of Hotaru's associates, portraying Hiro as a danger and letting Ai Len come to his own conclusions. Concerned for Shimei, Ai Len assists Hotaru in attacking Hiro, and is in fact the first of his allies to do so. However, things become more complicated for Ai Len when Shimei joins Hiro and fires Ai Len for attacking him. Ai Len wrestles with his conscience for a while, but quickly decides to throw his lot back in with Shimei after a brief, unsuccessful stint working with Arata. From there, he is loyal until the end.

Ai Len is interested in complexity. He wants to figure you out, but doing so will bore him and cause him to lose interest. Seek him out while Shimei is elsewhere and converse with him for long periods of time to arouse his interest and eventually win his affections.

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