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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yuunaru! Characters: Shimei

Nicknames: Prince Shimei
Age: 17, Sagittarius
Grade: High School Senior
Hair: Dark blue
Eyes: Light blue
Build: Slender
Profession: Rich kid
Family: Mother (father deceased)
Personality: Commanding, obsessive, easily manipulated
Dream: Having authority over others
Likes: Being treated like royalty
Dislikes: Anything he deems disrespectful
Weapon: Wand
Transformed Costume: Princely garb
Element: Wind Sun

 Healing Breath (heals one)
 Healing Wind (heals all)

 Shimei, Hiro: Beneficent Attack
 Shimei, Ai Len: Servant Attack
 Shimei, Raye: Ricochet Attack
 Shimei, Taro/ Fuma/ Jin/ Yukio: First Aid

 Shimei + Two (Ai Len, Hayato, Kisho, Yukio): Bishounen Attack
 Shimei + Two (Taro, Fuma, Jin, Yukio): Medical Emergency

Shimei is the epitome of the spoiled rich kid. Forced to attend public school by his concerned mother, he walks about with his nose in the air and insists on being attended by his butler/ maid, Ai Len, at all times no matter what. He despises all of his classmates impartially, since it's not really them he hates but being torn away from his rose-tinted childhood. Since the unfortunate death of his father, his mother has become worried that she has ill-prepared him for the real world (which is true) and has attempted to rectify this by virtually cutting him off emotionally for the last few years. Although this strategy might have worked with some children, it has only served to make Shimei bitter; although he used to be sheltered and naive, being love- and attention-deprived has made him into the introverted snob he is today.

Shimei is introduced to his new powers when he accidentally walks into a battle on school grounds and unleashes lightning magic to protect himself. Confused and a little intimidated by this, he agrees to work together with Hiro and his friends, although he regrets this loudly and frequently thereafter. He becomes further conflicted after Hiro frees Yuri from the World Within the Mirror and Ai Len attacks the group on Hotaru's orders, not knowing about Shimei's involvement any more than Shimei knows about Ai Len's. Shimei fires Ai Len for trying to kill him, but suffers from increased anger and loneliness thereafter until Ai Len defects from Hotaru's side out of loyalty to Shimei, which proves to be the first step in mending Shimei's wounded soul.

Shimei really just wants somebody to treat him like the king he thinks he is. Showering him with affection is what he needs to blossom into a kind and generous ruler instead of the stingy aristocrat he is now. Tough love will be necessary to smack him through his brattier phases, but if you can show him that the harshness is out of love, he will never leave your side.

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