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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yuunaru! Characters: Hiro

Nicknames: None
Age: 17, Cancer
Grade: High School Senior, Class 1-B
Hair: Black, short, spiky in traditional anime hero fashion
Eyes: Black
Build: Slim but strong
Profession: Student, part-time grocery store employee
Family: Mother, Keiko; father, Jiro; grandmother, Matsuko
Dream: To do something great for the world
Personality: Chivalrous, vibrant, idealistic
Likes: Video games, pizza
Dislikes: The news (too depressing,) mice
Weapon: Sword
Transformed Costume: Belt- and chain-covered pants and a sleeveless half-shirt baring his abs
Element: Wish

 Goo  -  Attacks the enemy party with a rampaging Goo
 Yuri  -  Yuri casts a damaging curse at the enemy party; causes Curse
 Middi - Calls Middi to blow debilitating flames over the enemy party; lowers targets' ATK and DEF
 Wish  -  Sacrifices half of Hiro's current HP and heals that amount to both of his allies
 Sacrifice  -  Brings Hiro's HP to 1, heals both of his allies to full health, and damages the enemy party

 Hiro, Mizumaki: Friends Attack
 Hiro, Ryuu: Justice Attack
 Hiro, Shimei: Beneficent Attack
 Hiro, Makoto: Talisman Attack
 Hiro, Taro: NOT AGAIN
 Hiro, Junichi: Adrenaline Attack
 Hiro, Isao: Rivalry Attack
 Hiro, Kisho: Leaders Attack
 Hiro, Kiyoshi: Justice Attack
 Hiro, Hanako: Friends Attack

 Hiro, Mizumaki, Ryuu: Trinity Attack
 Hiro, Mizumaki, Hanako: Best Friends Attack
 Hiro, Ryuu, Kiyoshi: Righteousness Attack
 Hiro, Arata, Hayato: Summoning Attack
 Hiro, Satoru, Hideki: Curse Attack

Hiro is an idealistic high school senior who gets the kind of rush from defeating the final bosses of video games that most of his peers are getting from sex, drugs, or heavy metal. After encountering a mysterious old man and receiving a tarnished old lamp that DOES in fact hold a genie inside, Hiro accidentally turns his world into a battle of good versus evil, transforming him into a hero and granting magical powers to a handful of people in his city. Spurred to fight the increasingly more bizarre Forces of Darkness by his new sidekick, the smart-mouthed slime creature Goo, Hiro revels in the possession of the power he's always wished he could have in his life. However, why was he given this power to begin with...?

Hiro's central characteristic is his caution. Although cheerful and optimistic by nature, he's the type who asks questions BEFORE charging in and getting flattened by the giant beast. After all, he's a gamer, not a daredevil, and once he realizes that the situation he's in has become his reality and there's no GameFAQ to tell him what to do, he becomes much more careful than your typical RPG hero. He cares about others a great deal and will go well out of his way to ensure the happiness and safety of those he cares about, although he is not always the most perceptive person and may thus cause others pain without realizing until it is too late. Some of his favorite video games are Last Imagining VI, Dragon Knight VIII, and Disterra II.

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