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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yuunaru! Characters: Makoto

Nicknames: Mako-kun
Age: 17
Grade: High School Senior
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Build: Powerful
Profession: Temple monk
Family: Divorced parents; lives with father and grandparents
Personality: Happy, emotional, loyal
Dream: To become his father
Likes: Bells, festivals, hot food
Dislikes: Ghost stories
Weapon: Gloves or nunchaku
Transformed Costume: Pure-white kenpo gi
Element: Light Star

 Protection Talisman (defense up, all)
 Purity Talisman (magic defense up, all)

 Makoto, Hiro: Talisman Attack
 Makoto, Chinami: Purification Attack
 Makoto + Ai Len/ Taro/ Kisho/ Kohei/ Atsushi/ Zen: Martial Attack

 Makoto + Two (Arata, Kisho, Konosuke, Tsuruya): Bara Attack

NOTE: Has an Osakan accent

Devoted son of an Osakan monk, Makoto was raised with his father and paternal grandparents in an Osakan shrine and is entirely devoted to it. Boisterous, optimistic, and determined, he receives incredibly heightened senses when Hiro makes his wish, which causes his father to mistakenly believe his son has achieved enlightenment. Meditation hones his abilities to the point where he can feel Hiro and Hotaru using their powers from miles away, and he follows the sense of them out of curiosity with his father's blessing. Upon learning of the Battle Between the Forces of Good and Evil (from Ryuu, of course,) he offers his assistance to Hiro unconditionally.

Makoto appears out of the blue when Ai Len attacks Hiro, Mizumaki, and Ryuu inside the Mirror World as they try to rescue Yuri. Drawn to their powers, he attempts to broker peace between the fighters, but quickly throws his lot in with Hiro and Ryuu when Ai Len sics a pack of monsters on him. After Ai Len is forced to retreat, Makoto becomes interested in getting to the source of Hiro's wish and the magical powers suddenly granted to common civilians, and sticks around to help figure them out.

On a romantic level, Makoto is looking for someone who accepts and embraces his life of religion and training. Offer yourself up to him as a training partner and you will find it easy to win his love. Unlike several other characters, speaking to Makoto on your free days will often send you, not on a complicated dialogue tree, but off on training missions or philanthropic excursions consisting of battles or minigames. The extra experience and rewards you can get from these exercises can really help out a first-time player, making Makoto a good character to build a relationship with on your first playthrough.

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